Project 'Slomega'

( March-May 2006 )

So after last fall's disaster with fibreglassing and trying to patch up the rear quarters, it was decided that we should do this properly, get some inner wheel-wells and weld on the new half-quarters.

Once again, I have enlisted the services of my good friend Glenn Evans, to help & guide me through yet, another project.

At first, the pictures were mostly of the bodywork that we were doing to get the Omega road-worthy, but ended up taking pics of just getting the car on the road and fixing her up to become road-worthy.

WARNING: The following section houses A TON of pictures, as we have been very good and taking pictures at every possible step possible .... Hope you have alot of time !!!

Pictures have been rearranged to cut down the number of pages !!!

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First we have some interior pieces to remove, basically everything in the backseat area has to be removed. Would hate for a spark or something to catch on fire while we're welding in some new metal.

Removed the taillight panel. WOW!, that was a chore in itself ... as well while I was banging around on the metal with a screwdriver, I ended up finding another soft spot in the door jam. That kinda pissed me off, usually that's the first place I check before I decide whether or not to part out a car. As well, it's the first place to check to see if the car is twisting. Passenger side doorjam was good.

FINALLY got the rear bumper off, snapped most of the bolts, all but 2 ... At one point, I was pushing so hard on the Johnson-Bar, that when the bolt snapped, I went face first in the bumper. LOVELY!!, was about 5 mins after that happened that I came to and realized I wasn't an extra on the set of Corner Gas.
I guess I'll have to pull the bumper apart to replace those bolts, but I won't have to worry about this for awhile yet.

After holding up the half-quarters the best I could myself, I marked a line down the side of the car to where the quarters will come up to. However, being it was snowy and the car was all wet, the marker didn't write so I grabbed the car keys and used those to inscribe a line.

I left quite abit extra material on the quarter, which I will cut alittle more off before proceeding. Easier to cut twice, then to weld twice, or worse, have to go out and buy full quarters.
I have to decide where I'm gonna do the welding of the two metals. Few things to keep in mind are the location of the rear marker light on Omegas, being in a different spot. I'm just gonna alter the quarter panel alittle and weld around it, as the metal is solid along it. I also plan to patch up the spot where Novas have their marker lights.

Not sure what I'm gonna do about the inner wheel well, whether I will cut off the bottom half and alter the full wheel to patch it up. Gonna see if half-Wheel Wells are available.

Cleaned up where the quarter met with the rocker, and then decided and marked where we plan to cut the wheel well.

One again, we pause for me to donate some blood, measured the wheel well again and then proceed to cut it.

Measure up the new well, as well compare it to our cutout portion. We then cut the wheel well to where we are gonna attach it to the old well. Also take a moment to figure out how we are gonna patch up this hole, and then cut the well.

Test fit our new wheel well, and with our leftover metal from the new wheel well, we decide to fashion up some pieces to patch some holes.

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