( August 2006 )

As you can see, the Omega took a little damage when someone backed into her with a moving trailer the other night. Thankfully the gentlemen left a note for me to contact him.

What was damaged was the driver's fender, headlight bezel, bumper impact strip and license plate bracket. Unfortuneally the headlight assembly is welded to the fender and where it's bent, knocks the headlight out of whack.

We came upon an agreement to get this fixed. I have since found a replacement fender and already have a replacement license plate bracket. Still trying to track down a headlight bezel and rubber impact strip for the bumper.

For the most part, I have been able to straighten the fender out myself and I did my best to straighten out the bezel too so I have still use it. Stomping on the license plate myself (with 220lbs of me) seem to have straighten it pretty good.

Accidents are accidents, it could of been worst ... but things can always be fixed.

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