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We started off 2012 with a new license plate for the Omega. 'RUNS13S' because it runs 13's at the track. The Omega didn't see the track much in 2012, infact I think I was only out once at the end of the racing season and ran in the high 13s.

Spent most of the summer cruisin' around in my 73 Nova, which I had Dan Klim build a potent 406 for. Needed to get some miles on it to break it in before taking it out to the track. I was hoping to be in the high 12s.

We didn't get out to the track till the end of June in 2013, due to my hockey league play/commitments. Once hockey was over, it's CAR TIME !!

Dad decided to try his hand at racing in 'Trophy' class at the track. Dad spent most of the Test & Tune day working on cutting lights ... and I just enjoyed running the car down the track. I had a NEW BEST ET of 13.50 @ 101.59MPH !! The old man didn't seem to impressed, but he was happy for me. The Omega ran GREAT!!, and we were running consistant mid 13s (13.5x's and 13.6x's).

We had some troubles with the Omega breaking up at top-end on Saturday during Test & Tune. I pulled the plugs out to inspect them and they were covered with ash deposits and had a green coloring to them. Grabbed another set of plugs, gap'd them and installed them. Car seemed to run abit better.

After camping out the night at the track, it was Sunday and today was Trophy Class Racing. I was so excited to see my Dad behind the wheel and having a good time. To add to the friendly competition to the meet, my girlfriend Shelly, is running her 73 Chevelle SS in 'Trophy' class as well.

Dad dialed in at 13.55, as that was his best ET time of the morning. Unfortunately the Omega started to break up again, having no power at the top end and Dad was eliminated in the first round.

Shelly, on the other hand had a GREAT day running her Chevelle and made it to the semi-finals before breaking-out.

More to come ...

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