In Memory of Sid Lanting

I met Sid back in 1999. Altho we worked in different departments, our paths would cross from time to time and our love of old muscle cars would keep us talking and yapping for hours.

Outside of work, we spent some time hanging out at the cruisin' lots, sharing car stories, and joking around. You would always see Sid making other people laugh and smile!

Sid helped me out from time to time with some of the car stuff between my Nova and Omega.

Sid often teased me and gave me a hard time about my 73 Nova, but then again who didn't.

They say the good die young, and Sid left us WAY too soon.

I dedicate this site, Slomega - 1974 Oldsmobile Omega to Sid, who was a true good guy and had a real passion for old cars. - Main Page